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MoMA to screen 70 science-fiction films from 22 countries this summer

Videodrome Here's a press release we received that doesn't need any embellishment. All the glory resides in the details, and I'll just lay it out flat for you. If you live in NYC, or plan on visiting this summer - hell, even if you were going to spend all of July and August locked in your room doing unthinkable things to yourself and desperately need an excuse to travel...
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Top 10 Scary Movie Masks!

So, who's going to see YOU'RE NEXT this weekend? Shite looks pretty gnarly, right? It sure does, in no small part due to those savage animalistic masks the perps are sporting in the picture. What the hell are those things supposed to be anyway? Sheep? Bear? Rabbit? I don't care what it is, the whole thing's pretty goddamn disturbing. But is that really all that surprising? Hell no, creepy...
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