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Friday the 13th: The Game shows off its menu and more gameplay

Last month, we shared the news that the FRIDAY THE 13TH video game that Gun Media and IllFonic are developing, a game which was expected to be shipping out this past October, had been delayed until early next year. While the delay may be a bit of a bummer, it's for a very good reason - the game was only going to be an online multiplayer game, but now there is going to be a single...
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Friday the 13th: The Game delayed, single player experience confirmed

Although reaction to the fact that Gun Media and IllFonic are developing a new FRIDAY THE 13TH video game has been overwhelmingly positive, I've also seen F13 fans expressing disappointment that the game was going to be online multiplayer only, with one player as iconic slasher Jason Voorhees and the others as the new batch of camp counselors he's stalking and slashing. For...
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Tom Holland, Victor Miller, Harry Manfredini to team on Rock Paper Dead

Tom Holland's back in the horror game! The CHILD'S PLAY and FRIGHT NIGHT director has assembled a team of horror superstars to work on his next project, entitled ROCK PAPER DEAD . The legendary cabal will include screenwriter Victor Miller ( FRIDAY THE 13TH , a property he is currently suing to reclaim the rights of), composer Harry Manfredini ( FRIDAY THE 13TH 1-6 ,...
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Kevin Tenney is prepping horror anthology Don't Let Them In

He may not get quite as much attention as some other directors who have been termed "masters of horror", but if I had a hand in choosing the directors for the TV series Masters of Horror, Kevin Tenney would have been among the first filmmakers I approached. With WITCHBOARD (pictured above) and NIGHT OF THE DEMONS he made two of the coolest horror movies of the late...
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Listen to a track from Harry Manfredini's Friday the 13th: The Game score!

FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME isn't messing around. Original director Sean S. Cunningham is on hand to produce, but they also nabbed returning composer Harry Manfredini to bring his eerie magic to the virtual Camp Crystal Lake. The first track from the game's original soundtrack is now available to tease your eardrums. It starts off as an atmospheric mood piece, but it...
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Waxworks Records reveals Friday the 13th album art; listen to three tracks!

Happy Friday the 13th! Fans of vinyl should be stoked to learn that Waxworks Records is prepping a full vinyl OST release of the soundtrack for the original FRIDAY THE 13th featuring the spectacular work of legendary composer Harry Manfredini. His talents are responsible for the one of the most iconic horror scores in film history. With a release of the album coming soon for fans...
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Cool Horror Videos: Awesome short film Crestfallen, with music from Harry Manfredini

A couple of years ago we reviewed an interesting short film from director Jeremiah Kipp titled CONTACT , a beautifully shot black and white short that proved that Kipp was a director to watch. Today we have a very cool, stylish and atmospheric little short film from Mr. Kipp for you to check out titled CRESTFALLEN, and this one features some incredible music from the great Harry...
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Exclusive: Kane Hodder joins Minutes to Midnight; Harry Manfredini to score

No one plays a cinematic madman quite like genre icon and fan favorite Kane Hodder. That's why we're always interested to hear what the man who stars as HATCHET 's Victor Crowley and was everyone's favorite Jason Voorhees is up to. Today we have EXCLUSIVE word that Mr. Hodder has signed on for a new horror film that sounds like it could have the makings of a genre...
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