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13 Horror Gift Ideas: Books and comic books!

Most likely you're still on the hunt for some cool horror goodies to get your loved ones for Christmas. Well then, we already gave you some Blu-ray ideas , and today we're shoving some books in your face for your consideration. And yes, these are books , my friends, none of that electronic stuff! (Although those have their place, of course.) Additionally, there are...
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More new looks at Matt Ryan as NBC's Constantine

If you're looking for some more "Constantine" goodness after the three-minute promo we posted earlier, you're in luck! The horror series' Facebook page was recently updated with a couple of new images of Matt Ryan as the titular character, and you can find them right here! Got to love Ryan's resemblance to the anti-hero from Hellblazer's pages. Based on the wildly popular DC...
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NBC orders Constantine to series

Those looking forward to NBC's adaptation of "Hellblazer" will be pleased as punch to learn that the network has officially given the green-light to the television series, "Constantine" , which stars Matt Ryan as the demon-hunting John Constantine. No word on when it might air, but this is a solid indication that NBC liked what it saw from the David Goyer-produced pilot. Here is...
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David Goyer confirms Constantine begins shooting this week

Was very recently that the first casting news for NBC's "Constantine" began to seep in. Matt Ryan was announced as the star in late February, while Lucy Griffiths, Harold Perrineau and Charles Halford all joined the series as the other three principal characters last week. That said, "Constantine" is already primed to go before cameras, as showrunner David S. Goyer revealed in an...
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Guillermo del Toro discusses developing DC's Dark Universe

Swamp Thing, Zatanna, Etrigan The Demon, John Constantine, The Spectre, Deadman-- you put all these guys in one movie and my horror loving head is bound to explode. Nevertheless, Guillermo del Toro is making plans to do just that on behalf of DC and Warner Bros with DARK UNIVERSE. DARK UNIVERSE (currently the film's working title) is among the zillions of projects del Toro is...
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