NBC stops production on Constantine after 13 episodes but it might return

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

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If you’re a fan of the NBC adaptation of Constantine, you might want to pass along the message to friends and family that it’s in trouble. Unlike other comic adaptations like The Flash and Arrow, Constantine has struggled to maintain a steady audience since its debut; it doesn’t help that it airs on Friday night I’m sure. It’s not officially cancelled at this point but NBC has stopped production on the show following the completion of its 13-episode order.

The show, based on the long-running comic series Hellblazer, has ticked up a little in the ratings Deadline reports, so there’s hope yet. It’s interesting to note that the show nearly doubles the ratings Hannibal gets on Friday nights and that show is coming back for season 3. Then again, that show is amazing and I’ve never seen Constantine so maybe it does make sense; someone at the network must really love them some Hannibal.

Deadline's reports also says that usually, a network would have enough information at this point on whether or not to order more episodes or cancel the series, but Constantine arrived in late October, and there isn’t enough ratings data since only four episodes have aired rather than the standard seven.

Have you been watching Constantine and will you miss it?

Source: Deadline

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