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Nicolas Cage checks out, Jason Patric checks in to Hotel 33

Back in May we shared the news that Nicolas Cage was in talks to star in the horror/mystery HOTEL 33, but now Variety is reporting that the manic actor has checked out of the project with THE LOST BOYS star Jason Patric now making reservations to topline. Emmett / Furla / Oasis Films will be financing and producing the film with Open Road Films distributing the horror thriller....
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Nicolas Cage will investigate a mass disappearance in Hotel 33

Nicolas Cage is set to bring his special brand of glowering and hysteria to HOTEL 33, a surreal thriller evidently based on a true story about a mass disappearance on the opening night of a Pennsylvanian hotel. I had never had any knowledge about this mystery before, but now that I'm wise to it, I'm quite intrigued indeed. Here's the plot: The film is based on the presumed...
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