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Harring threatens Nichols with scissors in Inside remake stills

I am anxiously awaiting the day when we're going to hear some U.S. release date news for the remake of Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury's INSIDE . The task of remaking one of the most intense and harrowing films of the last ten years is a huge one, and I'm very curious to see how the team of director Miguel Ángel Vivas ( KIDNAPPED ) and   [REC] co-creator...
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The remake of Inside starring Rachel Nichols gets a trailer

WARNING: The following trailer is in Spanish, with no subtitles. There I just had to get that out of the way. I was unaware of that until I hit play myself. I guess I should have known by the video's title being in Spanish and all, but whatever, the point is below you can peep the very first trailer for the American remake of INSIDE . Now some of you may know but...
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Filming has begun on Jaume Balaguero's supernatural thriller Muse

More than two years after we first heard about the project, production is finally underway on [REC] co-creator Jaume Balagueró's supernatural thriller, MUSE , the Spanish director's return to English-language filmmaking 14 years after DARKNESS . Written by Balagueró and Fernando Navarro, MUSE is based on the novel The Lady Number Thirteen by...
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Two new images bleed out from the Inside remake

A remake of the extreme French horror flick  INSIDE is such a tremendously ill-advised idea that only the presence of a cadré of talented Spanish filmmakers has prevented me from snapping my laptop over my knee every time there's news about it. Two new images have dripped from the flick, which is preparing to make its European premiere as the opening film of the...
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The remake of Inside will be the opening film at Sitges 2016

Having quietly made its way through production, KIDNAPPED director Miguel Ángel Vivas's remake of the 2007 French film INSIDE has now secured an impressive venue for its European premiere - the new version of INSIDE will be the first film screened at the 49th Sitges Film Festival in Spain. Filmed in Barcelona and written by [REC] co-creator Jaume Balagueró...
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Summer Camp is coming to your home this August

I didn't know it, but August 2, 2016 is a day I've been looking forward to for more than two years, ever since we first heard that HOUSE OF THE DEVIL 's Jocelin Donahue would be starring in SUMMER CAMP , a film about  three American camp counselors who show up for their summer jobs at an English-language camp in Spain and come face-to-face with a virus...
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Laura Harring joins Rachel Nichols in the remake of Inside

KIDNAPPED director Miguel Ángel Vivas's remake of the 2007 French film INSIDE is continuing to move forward. As previously announced, the remake is set to star Rachel Nichols, and now she has her first co-star, as Laura Harring has signed on to join her in the cast. Written and directed by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, the original INSIDE told the story...
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Rachel Nichols to star in the remake of Inside

As we reported back in October , the intense and brutal 2007 French film INSIDE is being given the remake treatment by Spain-based production company Nostromo Pictures, with KIDNAPPED director Miguel Ángel Vivas set to direct from a screenplay by [REC] co-creator Jaume Balagueró and his [REC] 2 and 4 collaborator Manu Diez. As you probably know, INSIDE...
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Inside being remade by team behind [Rec] and Kidnapped

This is an unexpected Halloween trick. Or treat, depending on your point of view. Screen Daily reports the French horror spectacular INSIDE is being remade - but not in Hollywood. Instead, a rather impressive Spanish coterie will be leading the charge. [REC] writers Jaume Balagueró and Manu Diez, director Miguel Ángel Vivas - who helmed the disturbing, accomplished KIDNAPPED - and...
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Twisted art for Jaume Balaguero's supernatural thriller Muse

Way back in October of last year we caught wind of [REC] 4: APOCALYPSE director Jaume Balagueró’s MUSE , a supernatural thriller that marks his return to the English-language genre 12 years after his Miramax/Dimension breakout DARKNESS. Now, months later, we finally have our first look at the film in the form of some truly wicked art. Look, I’m not even going to...
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Zombie monkeys on the loose in new REC 4: Apocalypse red-band clip!

Yesterday we showed you what an outboard motor can do to an infected human's face . Today we show you what it can do to a group of marauding zombie monkeys. That's right, it's another grisly clip from Jaume Balaguero's {REC] 4: APOCALYPSE ! The red stuff sprays everywhere, and zombie animals are harmed, so consider it NSFW. Several hours have passed since the terrible events that...
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New clip from Jaume Balaguero's REC 4: Apocalypse is a gross one!

[REC] 4: APOCALYPSE is currently available on VOD, and it's receiving mostly mixed word-of-mouth. (Read The Arrow's review right HERE .) I've personally yet to check it out, but this new red-band clip is tempting me to give it a chance. Below you'll find a gruesome scene from the flick, featuring a monster, a motor, and blood. Lots of blood. Clearly the best way to annihilate...
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