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Behind the scenes look at Javier Gutierrez's Rings

Set 13 years after the remake of THE RING, we have a new look at the Javier Gutierrez-directed RINGS , giving us a new behind-the-scenes taste of the film. While the on-set photo isn’t all that exciting, what’s cool is that they’re shooting the film in Grantville, Georgia, which is where AMC’s The Walking Dead recently filmed. Nice! Just a couple of weeks...
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James O'Barr gives an update on the Luke Evans-starring The Crow reboot

It was just last week when producer Ed Pressman shared the news that the long buzzed-about reboot of James O'Barr's THE CROW could start production as soon as next spring, and now comics creator O'Barr has shared a few additional details about what we can expect from the Luke Evans-starring film. Speaking with Korsgaard's Commentary, O'Barr shared that...
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The Crow remake targeting a 2015 production start

It seems that we've been hearing about the remake of THE CROW forever, but now it seems that there is an end in sight on the long and twisted road to get the film going with producer Ed Pressman revealing that production could begin as early as Spring of 2015. The Hollywood Reporter is sharing word out of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival that Pressman, who was also behind the 1994...
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Luke Evans maintains The Crow reboot will remain loyal to comic; talks wearing the iconic make-up

We've heard from Luke Evans on his upcoming take on THE CROW several times in the past, most recently in December when the actor spoke on the faithfulness to the source material and not fearing "The Crow Curse", and now the actor has spoke about the project again during an interview at the British Academy Film Awards with Red Carpet News TV, and we've got the latest...
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Luke Evans on The Crow reboot, faithfulness to the comics and not fearing the Crow curse

I don't know about you but I'm quite okay with the idea of a reboot of THE CROW, especially with Luke Evans in the lead role. But Evans understands the trepidation many fans of both the comics and the excellent 1994 film starring Brandon Lee may have with a new take on the character. Evans recently sat down with TotalFilm to talk up the reboot, taking time to reassure fans...
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The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus onboard for The Crow reboot?

I'm a big fan of Norman Reedus (and nowadays, who isn't?). I thought he was simply awesome in the BOONDOCK SAINTS films and I have really dug his work as crossbow-weilding Daryl Dixon on AMC's "The Walking Dead", so anytime he's attached to a project I'm interested. Now it seems Reedus may be taking a major role in the upcoming reboot of THE CROW....
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