Obsession knows no limits in Netflix’s Spanish thriller Hogar

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Champions Javier Gutierrez

While the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences decides whether or not the Spanish film CHAMPIONS will be a contender for Best Foreign Language Film at next year's Oscars ceremony, CHAMPIONS star Javier Gutierrez (pictured above, center, in the film) has signed on to star in the Netflix thriller HOGAR (a.k.a. HOME).

Directed by Alex and David Pastor, the film is said to explore the Spanish idea of "hogar" as "not only a home but the place where one belongs". The story centers on

Javier Muñoz, once a successful executive who after a year of unemployment makes the fateful decision with his family to leave the apartment that they can’t afford. One day, he discovers that he still has a set of keys to his old home, starts spying on the young couple that now lives there, then, little by little, begins infiltrating their lives, determined to recover the life he has lost, come what may.

According to the announcement made by Netflix, this is a story of obsession that knows no limits. The Pastors said that 

Javier Muñoz, our leading man, is the broken mirror where the most materialistic aspirations of modern society are reflected."

Gutierrez's co-stars in the film include Mario Casas, Bruna Cursi, Ruth Diaz, David Ramirez, David Selvas, Raul Ferre, David Verdaguer, Vicky Luengo, and Ernesto Collado.

Produced by Nostromo Pictures in their first collaboration with Netflix, HOGAR is now filming. It's expected to premiere on the Netflix streaming service sometime in 2020.

I really like the idea of a broken man stalking the people who live in his former home, and I look forward to seeing how HOGAR will bring that idea to the screen.

The Pastors' previous credits include CARRIERS

Source: Variety

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