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The Meg starring Jason Statham gets a PG-13 rating

The last word we heard about the upcoming giant killer shark movie MEG starring Jason Statham was that the film was going to be going by a new title - kinda. The film will now be known as THE MEG. Because I guess the inclusion of "The" into horror titles is the trend nowadays. Anyhow, today we have news that THE MEG has been slapped with a PG-13 rating via the...
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Go deep with Mandy Moore and Claire Holt in new 47 Meters down trailer

Exactly one month since flashing a trailer for the summertime killer shark flick 47 METERS DOWN , and exactly one week since highlighting it on our Top 10 summer '17 list , yet another new trailer for the flick has washed in. Cop a peek below! Starring Mandy Moore and Claire Holt, 47 METERS DOWN is the story of: Two sisters, vacationing in Mexico, who are trapped in...
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Jason Statham says MEG is Jurassic Park meets Jaws

I love killer shark movies. No I have not seen, nor will I see, any of those SHARKNADO flicks, but I'm talking about JAWS , JAWS 2 (the teen slasher of killer animal flicks), hell, I even love JAWS 3D on occasion. THE SHALLOWS was much more badass than I thought it was going to be too while we're on the subject. With all of this in mind, I am looking forward to...
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The Shallows (Movie Review)

PLOT: Upon a giant shark deeply lacerating one of her limbs, a sexy Texan surfer gal must match wills and wits with the Great White and find her way back to shore 200 yards away. REVIEW: A decade after aptly ambling down his remade hall of horrors via HOUSE OF WAX, Spanish director Jaume Collet-Serra has refrained from his annual Liam Neeson collaboration (UNKNOWN, NON-STOP,...
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Bait 2 is now Deep Water; synopsis unveiled

Back in early February we shared the sales art and synopsis for what was supposed to have been BAIT 2, the sequel to Kimble Rendall's goofy but fun sharks-in-a-supermarket thriller, but it seems that plans have changed as Moviehole has found the artwork (which you can see to the right) and a synopsis to the retitled thriller DEEP WATER. Bait 2” has transformed into...
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Sales art for Bait 2 3D stirs up the waters

Kimble Rendall's BAIT 3D was one of those 'love it or hate it' kind of films, with hardly any middle ground. Personally, I dug it...but I'm a sucker for killer shark films. Fans of BAIT will be happy to know that Darclight is jumping back into the bloody waters with the sequel BAIT 2: 3D and we have a look at some early sales art for it below. While there hasn't been any formal...
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