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Halloween-set found footage thriller Loss of Life picked up by Mance Media

The last time we wrote about the found footage thriller LOSS OF LIFE was in February of this year. But we've just now heard that the movie, which takes place on Halloween night, will be released on VOD, Digital and DVD on October 25th! You guessed it, right in time for the big H! LOSS OF LIFE is a found footage horror film that tells the story of a group of high school friends on their...
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New trailer for found footage flick Loss of Life

Another week, another entry into the found footage genre. It seemingly never ends, does it? I'm not knocking the found footage style of filmmaking, though. When handled correctly it can actually elevate a tense storyline, drawing the viewers in to the terror onscreen, and from first looks it seems that directors David Damiata and Michael Matteo Rossi may have something fun to add to the...
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