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Sci-fi thriller Lost Time gets a trailer, starring Luke Goss

What's great about the sci-fi genre is that there are no limits; it can be funny, dramatic, out-of-this-world insane and most importantly, downright terrifying. Christian Sesma’s new sci-fi offering LOST TIME looks like some crazy shit you would see out of an X-Files episode as the story starts with a strange encounter on a lonely road when a woman's car is engulfed by a...
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New still & concept art for sci-fi thriller Lost Time, starring Derek Mears & Luke Goss

Late last week we previewed a sci-fi thriller called LOST TIME , which is set to star genre mainstays Derek Mears, Luke Goss, Lin Shaye and Robert Davi. Well, thanks to the filmmaker himself, Christian Sesma, we have a new still, concept art and a promo poster for the flick currently in post. Scroll up and down for a peek! With Maria Olsen, Jenni Blong, Chelsea Ricketts and Vyto...
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Derek Mears, Lin Shaye & Luke Goss star in sci-fi thriller Lost Time?

Bear with this explanation folks. On this awfully slow news Friday, I dove headlong into the Film Catalogue in search from some new genre joints to write about. In so doing, I stumbled upon a flick called THE NIGHT CREW, which sounded familiar. Turns out we wrote about this shite back in February of 2011. When rereading said article, I got a laugh out of a Twitter update...
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