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American Psycho director and screenwriter reteam for The Family

Not too shy of twenty years ago, director Mary Harron and her co-screenwriter Guinevere Turner took on the daunting task of adapting Bret Easton Ellis's infamous novel American Psycho for the screen. Luckily, many a genre fan feels that they did an excellent job. Even those who aren't quite as enamored with AMERICAN PSYCHO as others will likely admit, "At least it's...
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These lips are deadly in the poster for the all-female horror anthology XX

Magnet Releasing recently picked up the rights to the all-female horror antholgy XX , which is expected to release sometime this year. While details on the film are still being held tightly, we do have the poster premiere; it's fantastic. It's a very minimalist design that speaks to the gender twist this anthology is aiming for. Can't wait to see more! The XX anthology...
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All-female horror anthology XX gets picked up by Magnet

The new horror anthology with a gender twist, XX , has just been picked up by Magnet Releasing, reports Deadline. As part of the deal, Magnet is taking worldwide distribution rights who hope to dish the film out in 2015. It’s been a while since we last reported on XX, so let me give you a refresher. The directors onboard the momentous indie movie include Jennifer Lynch...
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Director line-up announced for the all-female horror anthology XX!

Guys, there's an all-female horror anthology in the works titled XX , with each segment being directed by a woman and featuring a female lead. Do we have your attention? Good, because this sounds like it's going to be an anthology worth remembering as word has just come in on who will be directing each segment! The Wrap reports, the directors onboard the momentous indie movie...
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It's the Booze Talkin': What the f*ck happened to American Psycho director Mary Harron?

Late at night while on a recent visit to San Francisco, I found myself channel surfing. Too tired for porn and terrified by the likes of the Kardashian family, I happened to tune into the opening credits of AMERICAN PSYCHO. The Mary Harron directed classic is easily one of my favorite films, so clearly my search for great quality late night viewing was over. I was once again enthralled...
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