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Vera Farmiga joins Godzilla: King of Monsters

I'm thinking the new GODZILLA is quickly becoming one of the top must-see flicks in recent years. I'm not specifically singling out the cast. After all the best news I, personally, have heard yet on the GODZILLA: KING OF MONSTERS front is that TRICK R TREAT and KRAMPUS director Michael Dougherty is helming the flick this time around. That was enough for me! To make matter...
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Cool Horror Videos: Trick 'R Treat's Sam gets into the Christmas spirit

It isn't a TRICK 'R TREAT sequel, but the interstitial below is certainly the next best thing. Sam, the diminutive, pumpkinheaded mascot of the 2007 anthology, has returned to spread his own brand of holiday cheer. Helping a little girl make a snowy sculputure, Sam reminds us you can't have a snowman without the "man." The promo is directed by Michael Doughtery, who was behind TRICK 'R...
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