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Dissecting Writer/Director Mike Flanagan!

WRITER/DIRECTOR MIKE FLANAGAN! Say friends, how many of you put your hands on the planchette and were tossed around by OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL this past weekend? A damn good time, right? Hell yes! A large reason for that has to be the man in charge, Mike Flanagan, who wrote the script with pal Jeff Howard and directed the flick to tense and terrifying T. And frankly,...
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Ouija: Origin of Evil (Movie Review)

PLOT: A single mother and her two young daughters run a fortune telling parlor in 1967 Los Angeles. When the new fad of a Ouija board is brought into the home, a malefic spirit begins to communicate with the youngest daughter and threaten all she comes into contact with. REVIEW: Mike Flanagan. It's a name ardent horror connoisseurs and genuine genre junkies ought to commit...
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Ouija: Origin of Evil interviews: Henry Thomas, Elizabeth Reaser and more!

When I saw the first OUIJA, I was more than a little disappointed. Nothing really worked. Well, aside from the promise of what you could do in another horror film about that creepy “talking board” - anybody remember WITCHBOARD? Then came OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL. While a little skeptical, I felt that if anybody was going to make it work it would be writer/director...
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Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood to play Gerald's Game on Netflix

Last month , we reported that Netflix had their eye on HUSH / OCULUS director Mike Flanagan's  GERALD'S GAME , a long-gestating Stephen King adaptation. Well, they've actually committted! That didn't take long at all. Production has already commenced in Mobile, Alabama with a full cast in place. The lead roles will be filled by Carla Gugino (SIN CITY,...
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Blumhouse's Halloween movie is back to square one

If you've been following the sad saga of Michael Myers over the past couple years, it shouldn't come as a surprise to you to find out that Blumhouse's new  HALLOWEEN movie isn't as far along as we thought. While it was rumored that either Mike Flanagan or Adam Wingard might be helming the project, neither of those options has panned out so the company is...
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Mike Flanagan in talks to adapt Joe Hill's Snapshot 1988

While working on getting an adaptation of Stephen King's novel GERALD'S GAME set up at Netflix, Mike Flanagan - whose movie  HUSH was praised by King when it was released on Netflix earlier this year - may also be about to delve into material written by King's son Joe Hill. Universal Pictures, the studio behind Flanagan's upcoming film OUIJA:...
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Netflix is facilitating Mike Flanagan's Gerald's Game

Director Mike Flanagan ( OCULUS , OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL ) has been struggling to get an adaptation of Stephen King's GERALD'S GAME off the ground for some time. However, following the success of his film HUSH on the Netflix streaming platform, the company is now eyeing his next project. Says Flanagan in an interview with Rue Morgue : It’s a real...
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Before I Wake (Movie Review)

PLOT: A couple (Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jane) mourning the loss of their young son, take in a foster child - the adorable and sweet Cody (Jacob Tremblay). Yet, all is not well with young Cody, with him able to manifest his dreams in reality, something which proves to be both a blessing and a horrible curse to his new family. REVIEW: Regardless of the very uneven result, you...
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The Disappointments Room replaces Before I Wake on release schedule

2016 has been looking like it was the year of director Mike Flanagan, with three films from the ABSENTIA / OCULUS filmmaker being scheduled to come out within the calendar year. His home invasion film HUSH impressed a lot of viewers, including Stephen King , when it hit Netflix back in April. The Flanagan-helmed prequel OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL is looking to redeem the OUIJA...
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Mike Flanagan's Before I Wake dreams of a new trailer

2016 is The Year of Mike Flanagan. It started with the release of his well-received home invasion film HUSH back in April and will culminate with him hopefully redeeming the OUIJA franchise with OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL in October. In between we have the release of his long-awaited thriller BEFORE I WAKE Starring Kate Bosworth, Thomas Jane, Annabeth Gish, Dash Mihok, and Jacob...
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John Carpenter might do the score for the new Halloween

Blumhouse's upcoming HALLOWEEN sequel is still buried in pre-production, so all is quiet on the Haddonfield front. Although both Mike Flanagan and Adam Wingard have been rumored to be in talks to direct, nothing solid has come from either claim. One thing we  do  know, however, is that this film will be produced by John Carpenter, making this the first project with his...
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Trailer: Jacob Tremblay dreams up big things in Before I Wake this September

Mike Flanagan's BEFORE I WAKE has had more release dates than King Henry VIII has had wives, but this new one seems to be sticking. It looks like Relativity will release the flick in theaters on September 9th, and they have a new trailer to prove it. This one puts more focus on Jacob Tremblay as young Cody, because his star has risen greatly since they shot this film thanks to...
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