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Trailer for Airplane vs. Volcano, starring Dean Cain and AITH's JimmyO!

C'mon...you know you have a favorite Asylum pic. Admit it! They may be cheesy but, dammit, they're a lotta fun to watch, especially if you have a six-pack to enjoy it with. Me, I'm partial to SHARKNADO, but from the looks of the recently released trailer for the upcoming AIRPLANE VS. VOLCANO, I could have a new Asylum guilty pleasure. It doesn't hurt that AITH's very...
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Exclusive: AITH Joins The Asylum's Airplane Vs Volcano, Saves Superman!

It was a moment unlike any other, one that will forever be seeped into my memory. Just stepping outside the lavatory door of a flight headed straight for the depth of hell I found myself faced with a conflict of epic proportions. There I was opposite the tension fueled rage of a dangerous villain with a handful of broken mini bottles held against my neck. At this very moment, I...
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Must see! The trailer for The Asylum's Atlantic Rim is mockbuster heaven

Step aside, PACIFIC RIM...The Asylum is here with their own giant robots taking on even bigger monsters in the trailer for the mockbuster masters ATLANTIC RIM, and I'd be lying if I said it doesn't look to be a whole lot of fun! Just look at the picture above and try not to smile. If a giant robot wielding a big ass hammer-thingy facing off against a monstrous beastie in front...
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