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Trailer: Anna and the Apocalypse is a comedic zombie musical

For years now, we've been getting way more zombie movies than we really need. If you're a filmmaker who wants to make a zombie movie yourself, how do you make your project stand out from the horde of others that will be coming out around the same time? Making it a musical is one way. We don't have too many zombie musicals. The musical zombie comedy ANNA AND THE...
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Exclusive: Preview two songs from Slashed! The Musical

If you think there's an unfortunate dearth in horror-themed musicals on the stage lately, you're very much on point. Every now and then a handful of fortunates will get to see RE-ANIMATOR: THE MUSICAL or EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL , but those come few and far between. (I keep thinking FINAL GIRLS would be a pretty decent choice for a singin' and dancin' adaptation.)...
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King Kong is headed to Broadway in 2018

Lots of weird things make it to the stage as a musical or play (who expected a GROUNDHOG's DAY musical, which is currently doing well on Broadway?), but this one takes the ape- uh, cake. KING KONG is coming to New York soon, but he won't be chained to a boat: he'll be preparing to make his U.S. stage debut! It has been announced that KING KONG, which actually started...
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The Lure (Movie Review)

PLOT : Two mysterious sirens - mermaid like creatures who lead men to their deaths - happen to join a cabaret. When one of the strange young women falls for a local musician, the two find themselves facing off against each other leading to a deadly sibling rivalry. REVIEW : This has been a good year for horror. And as we head into December, I didn’t...
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Zombie musical Anna and the Apocalypse begins shooting

With LA LA LAND all the rage in Hollywood these days, it seems not even zombies can resist the urge to sing and dance in the streets... According to Screen Daily, a musical zom-com called ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE has gone under the lens in and around Glasgow, Scotland. The film, which was penned and set to be directed by 27-year old Ryan McHenry before passing away from cancer in...
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TV Review: The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again!

PLOT: A boring, buttoned-up couple seeking shelter from a massive rainstorm are welcomed into the castle of a singing and dancing transsexual scientist intent on creating a strapping body-builder. REVIEW: A year after what would have made far more sense as a 40 year anniversary (1975-2015), for reasons unclear if not unjustified, Fox as decided to hatch a televisual makeover...
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Zombie Prom musical heads to the big screen

Michael J. Roth and Steve Longi have acquired feature film and TV rights to the Off Broadway musical-comedy ZOMBIE PROM , reports Variety. Roth will be producing through his MJR Films and Longi via Longitude Entertainment with Kirk Hunter exec producing, and Vicki Palatas co-producing. ZOMBIE PROM was written by John Dempsey and Dana P. Rowe, it originated in the early 1990s as a...
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The Rocky Horror Picture Show being remade by FOX as a TV special

  Let's do the timewarp again! (Or not.) Midnight movie staple THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW is getting the remake treatment from Fox TV. In what's being billed as a two-hour event special, the program will be directed by Kenny Ortega (the High School Musical franchise). It has tentatively been titled The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event and is described as a reimagining of the...
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Stage Fright (Movie Review)

PLOT : Years after a horrific event opening night of “The Haunting of the Opera”, a performing arts summer camp attempts to bring the infamous play back to the stage. As the performance gets closer, those involved find themselves terrorized by a crazed musical hating killer. REVIEW : The slasher film and musical theatre rarely mingle. With the exception of Darren Lynn Bousman’s...
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Amusing musical clip from Jerome Sable's Stage Fright is gay!

  Before you unload your outrage upon me because of the headline, you'll want to take a look at the STAGE FRIGHT clip below, which is actually a delightful little musical number called "We're Gay!" Just try not to sing along toward the end… I still haven't seen STAGE FRIGHT but all indications are that it's a highly entertaining horror-comedy, so that will be rectified soon....
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Cool Horror Videos: Adam Green's Frozen gets musical treatment

This ain't Disney, folks! While I'm not ashamed to admit that I enjoyed the recent Disney animated feature FROZEN (hey, c'mon! I'm a kid at heart!), I prefer Adam Green's terrifying 2010 film of the same name much more. Our very own The Arrow called it ' one of my top genre films of 2010 ' in his review HERE , and to many it remains Green's finest...
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Brian De Palma's Phantom of the Paradise coming to Blu from Scream Factory!

Scream Factory, the best in the genre distribution business, has found the next film to spiff up and gift upon the masses: Brian De Palma's cult classic PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE . In the unusual case you're not familiar with this oddity, it's De Palma's twisted take on "Phantom of the Opera" starring William Finlay, Gerritt Graham and the incomparable Paul Williams. Here's the synopsis:...
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