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Christopher Lloyd returns for Summer of Piranha!

Supposedly there will be a new PIRANHA design for SUMMER OF PIRANHA. It's said to be a mixture of piranha and tuna fish... Tuna, really? There is supposedly a joke being presented here in that Japanese people love themselves some tuna, so it's funny that the "tables would turn" as it were. I don't know about all of that, but I do know I am down with this...
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It's the Booze Talkin: Bring Back Big Budget Monster Movies!

Horror has always made a good home for monsters. All kinds of them. You have creepy crawlies or slithery beasts that came from space. There are insects as large as trucks. Technically, you could even add zombies and a few other modern horror nightmares. We have faced our share of creatures in horror, and frankly, we may be seeing more of them on the big screen. This year brings...
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Roger Corman is executive producing the new PIRANHA!

Last week we let you guys in on the story that original PIRANHA producer Chako van Leeuwen, a.k.a. Hisako Tsukaba was setting up a PIRANHA project in her Japan. We also shared some pre-production art, which I've also attached below on this article as well. As cool as the news that we will be getting another PIRANHA movie is, cooler still is today's news where we are...
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It's the Booze Talkin' We want more summer themed horror thrills and chills!

Horror movies are a must when August arrives, and especially as October comes sneaking in. Yet watching a good scary movie can, and should, be a year round event for lovers of all things creepy. Of course, with summer in full swing, it is not a genre that usually has crowds filling the seats at the local theatre. This year, THE CONJURING 2 has done rather well, but that’s really...
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It's the Booze Talkin', Bring giant killer animals back to the big screen!

You know what scared the living f*ck out of me as a kid? Giant spiders. Giant sharks. Giant squids. You know, anything that was massive that attack us lowly humans. Now this was way before the SyFy channel cheapened it and added the crap CG with actors winking to the camera. In fact, the on-screen talent seemed to take it all seriously. Hell, the beasts didnít even have to be ridiculously...
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Top 10 Horror/Thrillers To Watch This 4th of July!

So friends, got any killer plans for the upcoming 4th of July weekend? Gonna hit the beach, fire up the grill, throw a case of brew on ice and blast-off the high-wattage fireworks package? If so, that sounds goddamn lovely! However, allow us to offer a little alternative. After-all, you're likely going to need a little respite from the preponderance of bombs, booze and barbeques set to drop on...
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Cool Horror Videos: Fish Friend, a cute short about a killer piranha!

This is, hands down, the sweetest little murderous piranha you've ever seen. Below you'll find FISH FRIEND , an eight-minute short by Jordan Blum about a young girl and her best friend, a bloodthirsty piranha. The short was evidently inspired by 1950s Americana, Tim Burton, and the shorts of Pixar - all of which are quite evident. You never forget your first pet: this is the...
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Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys (Movie Review)

PLOT: Animal expert Michael (Jason Brooks) has been asked to move his family (Shannen Doherty, Yar Koosha and Ciara Hanna) to a small town in Michigan to help them try and figure out why their fish population is dropping. The cause of this problem is lampreys, small fish that resemble eels. This normally wouldn't be a problem, until it's discovered that these particular...
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Top 10 Jaws Rip-Offs!

Holy T.S. Quint! Can you believe JAWS turns 40 years old next June? Fucking crazy, despite how timeless the infamously-difficult-to-make Spielberg classic still feels all these years later. Let's be real, JAWS is not only a master-class in first rate filmmaking, remember, it also spawned the modern day blockbuster - which doubles its importance when discussing the annals of cinematic impact....
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Original Vs. Remake: Piranha

We all celebrated Mommy with our last Original Vs. Remake and learned that many hadn't even known that the original Mother's Day had been remade. The more you know... Regardless, if you haven't seen Darren Lynn Bousman's remake, you really owe it to yourself to check it out because it's way better than the original. For today's O vs. R, we are basking in the beauty that is the start...
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Hot NSFW pics! Riley Steele! The queen of butt selfies!

Everybody has a talent. Some paint, others write and then you have ladies like porn star cum actress RILEY STEELE (PIRANHA 3D)  who through the years has mastered the intricate and fairly finnicky art of BUTT SELFIES via her TWITTER ACCOUNT . So being that it's summer and that nothing says summer loving to me like a fine bootie, here are some of STEELE's more...
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AITH Podcast: Reviews of Evil Dead, Antiviral, Room 237, and The Dead Zone revisted!

LISTEN TO THE AITH PODCAST NOW! Blood Bullets & Broads: The AITH Podcast kicks the show off without any f*ckin' around with Ammon's take on the 2013 version of EVIL DEAD (4:26). After yet another EVIL DEAD discussion, we switch focus to David Cronenberg's THE DEAD ZONE and fife over the film in every way possible...
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