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Director says the Rampage movie will be scarier than expected

I have been looking forward to the cinematic adaptation of the RAMPAGE video game series ever since it was first announced, despite the fact that there was always a chance it could be super goofy. It stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, but as cool as he is, he does have a predilection for doing more family friendly fare than many of the action stars that preceded him. It's...
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Dwayne Johnson vs. kaiju movie Rampage gets a 2018 release date

It's been a while since we've heard any major news on RAMPAGE , a cinematic adaptation of the '80s video game that will see Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson taking on multiple giant monsters, but now we have a pretty solid confirmation that its home studio Warner Bros. is confident that it will be moving forward soon: they have announced a release date. RAMPAGE is...
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San Andreas helmer Brad Peyton to direct Dwayne Johnson and kaiju in Rampage

It was exactly one month ago today when we learned that SAN ANDREAS producer Beau Flynn and star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson would be re-teaming to try to replicate the worldwide success of that film with an adaptation of the kaiju video game RAMPAGE . At the time, it was said that the search was on for a director. That search is now over, as they didn't have to go very...
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Dwayne Johnson to take on kaiju in video game adaptation Rampage

I have very clear memories from the late '80s and early '90s of seeing, in various locations, an arcade game called RAMPAGE . It looked really cool to me - players controlled a kaiju, and the objective was simply to destroy things and eat people. There was a trio of monsters to choose from: a gorilla called George, a lizard creature called Lizzie, and Ralph the werewolf. I...
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Dissecting Director William Friedkin!

DIRECTOR WILLIAM FRIEDKIN Can you believe THE EXORCIST turns 40 years old this Christmas? Craziness, right!? And no doubt, as the anniversary of the film grows closer and closer, we can expect to see and hear about all kinds of revivals, re-releases, retrospectives, commemorations and the like. But I want to do a little something different. I instead want to shine the...
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Kill of the Day: Jason X (2001)

JASON X is one of those films that gets laughed at before it's even mentioned. A good group of society just doesn't like the flick. Truth be told I was kind of put off by it at first too. Uber-Jason? Come on now. But upon further viewings I've realized I actually have a blast with the flick! Maybe you should give it a go. To get you started I decided to go with the flick's opening scene...
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