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Blade Runner 2049 (Movie Review)

PLOT: In 2049 Los Angeles, a blade runner - a hunter of rogue androids - discovers a mystery that may unlock the key to his own past and future. REVIEW: Clearly the one question that will never get old in the world of sci-fi is, "Do androids dream of electric sheep?" The concept of artificial intelligence having thoughts and feelings is a mainstay in the genre; people are...
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Five Stephen King Stories That Need to Be Movies

This was one of the toughest top fives I have yet to do here at AITH. There are far more than FIVE Stephen King stories that would make great films. Hell, at Top 10 would have made me lose a bit of sleep. Top five? Oh, boy. While there are stories/novels many people feel should be films - such as THE LONG WALK, DOCTOR SLEEP, and LISEY'S STORY - I'm going to steer clear of those titles just...
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Denis Villeneuve talks in-depth about Dune & Blade Runner 2049

Director Denis Villeneuve has been one busy dude over the last few years. Not only has he been at the helm of THREE new classics in the last four years, but he's got two more epic projects coming our way throughout the next few years. One, of course, is his take on BLADE RUNNER with BLADE RUNNER 2049, and the other is the recently announced adaptation of Frank Herbert's...
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