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Mad Max: Fury Road's Abbey Lee to join The Dark Tower

The casting machine for the Stephen King adaptation  THE DARK TOWER is finally revving up again! Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey (as gunslinger Roland Deschain and the villainous Man in Black respectively) are already lined up to star, but currently in negotiations to join them is Abbey Lee. Lee will be taking on the character of Tirana, the female lead. The...
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Stephen King has faith that the Dark Tower movie is actually happening

If there's one thing I've learned being an avid follower and now writer of movie news, it's that until that damn movie is in theaters, nothing is written in stone. Take, for example,  THE DARK TOWER , the movie adaptation of Stephen King's popular series. You'd think that, after being given a pretty solid cast (Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey) and...
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Idris Elba in talks to play The Dark Tower's Roland

Last month , we learned that Matthew McConaughey had been offered his choice of two roles in Sony and MRC's epic adaptation of Stephen King's THE DARK TOWER series - he could play either the hero, gunslinger Roland Deschain, or the villain, the Man in Black. McConaughey chose the Man in Black, but it hasn't taken long for producers Ron Howard and Brian Grazer to find the Roland they...
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Matthew McConaughey is in the running for Stephen King's The Dark Tower

Writer/director Josh Boone is working on adapting Stephen King's epic novel THE STAND into multiple films at Warner Bros. During this process, one the actors said to be on the project's casting wish list is Matthew McConaughey, and while the loudest rumblings have been that McConaughey was being eyed for the role of the evil Randall Flagg, Boone has said that he'd...
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Ron Howard's In the Heart of the Sea delayed until December

Looks like Thor won’t be fighting that big ass whale for a while as Warner Bros. has decided to delay IN THE HEART OF THE SEA just two months before its release. The studio is now aiming for an awards-friendly date that will see the Ron Howard-directed drama land in theaters on December 11th. And that's that, folks. IN THE HEART OF THE SEA stars Chris Hemsworth, Cillian...
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New trailer for In the Heart of the Sea, starring Chris Hemsworth

Ok, so this isn't the kinda flick we typically cover here on AITH, but after peeping the trailer for Ron Howard's IN THE HEART OF THE SEA I couldn't help but share it. In all honesty, it looks like a pulse-pounding and, at times, horrifying film in the man-vs.-nature genre, and to top it off the film is based on the insane true story that inspired Herman Melville's...
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Might Aaron Paul be headed to The Dark Tower?

Ah, THE DARK TOWER . We keep coming back to you. The massive film/television project is still floating in limbo, but director Ron Howard, screenwriter Akiva Goldsman and author Stephen King (who is actively involved with it), continue to develop it. When we last left the Tower, Howard had essentially taken a vow of silence in regards to shedding any more light on its progress. Bottom...
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Ron Howard gives updates on where his Dark Tower adaptation stands

It's been a long time since we've heard any word on the on-again/off-again adaptation of Stephen King's THE DARK TOWER, but now Ron Howard has opened up about the long-gestating adaptation to Empire, and while the news is positive it doesn't mean we're any closer to seeing the film go before cameras than we were a year ago. Says Howard... "The...
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The Dark Tower update: What does the future hold for the project?

Been a while since we've received any news on THE DARK TOWER , but after two studios reportedly passed on the ambitious project, it looked for all the world like it had crumbled for good. But hope still remains for Roland of Gilead. Producers Ron Howard and Brian Grazer at currently at the Cannes Film Festival showing off their upcoming slate, and according to, THE...
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Ron Howard is going to dive in the horror genre with The Graveyard Book

The infamous Ron Howard (COCOON) will direct the film adaptation of Neil Gaiman's THE GRAVEYARD BOOK, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The movie has been in limbo since it was announced back in 2008 but now the project is moving faster than a venereal disease! The book is inspired by Rudyard Kipling's THE JUNGLE BOOK and it tells the story of "an unusual boy who inhabits an...
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Ron Howard to helm J.J. Abrams produced supernatural drama All I've Got?

Looks like J.J. and little Opie are joining forces! According to Vulture, Ron (Opie) Howard has agreed to direct a supernatural drama called ALL I'VE GOT , a remake of a 2003 Israeli TV movie that J.J. Abrams is in line to produce. The original, translated to Kol Ma She'Yesh Li, was written and directed by Margalit Keren, who actually wrote teleplays for the acclaimed series...
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