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Could Jurassic Park 4 now be a reboot? Sam Neill seems to think so

Earlier this month we heard that Universal's upcoming sequel JURASSIC PARK 4 was in trouble , later learning that the film had been put on indefinite hold with the official statement reading... In coordination with filmmakers, Universal has decided to release Jurassic Park 4 at a later date giving the studio and filmmakers adequate time to bring audiences the best...
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Danny Boyle says there is a 40/60 chance 28 Months Later may happen; wonders if zombies are 'overexposed' right now

Fans of Danny Boyle's fantastic 28 DAYS LATER and its excellent sequel 28 WEEKS LATER have long held on to hope that we'd be seeing a continuation of the story presented in those films, but over the past couple of years the chances of seeing another entry in the franchise has grown increasingly dim. Last fall 28 DAYS LATER scribe Alex Garland crushed a lot of rumors surrounding the...
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Damon Lindelof shares his side of the Prometheus 2 debacle

Just a month ago we shared Noomi Rapace's update on the goings-on behind the sequel to last years PROMETHEUS and it sounded as if things might've been coming together, albeit slower than some of us might've liked. But it seems there is some real drama brewing behind the scenes on the project and earlier this morning Bloody Digusting posted that they heard Fox has been freaking out...
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Will Twin Peaks be fire walking back to television?

If there's one thing TWIN PEAKS has taught me, it is that the owls are not always what they seem. As such, you may want to take the following rumor with a grain of salt: TWIN PEAKS could be returning to television under the guidance of co-creators Mark Frost and David Lynch. Twin Peaks Archive and many other sites are buying into a rumor that David Lynch has met with NBC to lay...
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