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Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Hey, heard any good SUICIDE SQUAD rumors lately? Ha! Of course you have and today we’ve got some more for you that will whet your rumor whistle through the week (or at least until more pop up). Last week we got the news that both Joel Edgerton and Jon Bernthal were in consideration to replace Tom Hardy’s Rick Flag, as well as Joe Manganiello being rumored to take on the role of Deathstroke. We’ve also heard rumors of Batman making an appearance in the film, if even just from surveillance footage, leading to a solo Batman film. Latino Review also had a nice scoop on some of the film’s details, which I’ll be elaborating on below. Get all that? If not, click the links, get caught up and then we’ll begin.

Before you continue, just let me put this word out here that many of you are familiar with. I'm only saying it once. Even though this is all unconfirmed info from our source, it's to note that it could potentially spoil things, hence…SPOILERS! You've been warned.

All right, I’m assuming you’re all caught up and forewarned now, so I’ll launch right into it.

On this Rick Flag business:

So, after Tom Hardy dropped out of the film as Rick Flag and the pop-up of replacement names began, something has been lost in the shuffle and that's the fact that there isn't just a Rick Flag, but a Rick Flag SENIOR in the film as well. That was already reported by Latino Review, but what wasn't covered is who they're trying to get to fill those boots. Currently, the two under consideration are Ed Harris and Max Martini, both of whom have that weathered badass look to easily take on the mantle of Flag's father.

Additionally, another name in the mix for Rick Flag Jr. is none other than Karl Urban, who was rumored for another WB DCCU flick; AQUAMAN. We’re told the AQUAMAN role would depend on which script they use for that film and that Urban’s name is still in the running for Flag as well.

On the Thinker and General Lane:

Another character set to appear in the film is the Thinker, a role which Geoffrey Rush has already passed on and is now up for grabs. The other role that's being courted right now is a rather interesting one; that of General Sam Lane aka Lois Lane's father. It's been rumored that Gary Sinise was being wooed for General Eiling, but our source has indicated that that's the wrong general. Sinise would make a great fit for the role, but beyond that it shows more of the interconnectedness that's being built with SUICIDE SQUAD, as this has arguably the biggest connection to MAN OF STEEL and Superman, with whom Gen. Lane has been a primary antagonist in the comics.

On Deathstroke:

Deathstroke is indeed in the film and Joe Manganiello is the FIRST choice for the role, with Jason Clarke also being considered. Apparently, director David Ayer has been trying to “get his own people” on the project as much as possible. As for the character of Deathstroke, he will be a “hired assassain that is competing with the Suicide Squad” and not part of the team or a bodyguard as has been previously rumored.

On The Joker:  

Okay, now this is really cool. Apparently, The Joker “is scarred all over his body because of his battles with Batman” and he continually “plays mind games with people and twists [their] minds.” We've already heard that he's very much inspired by Hannibal Lecter in that sense, and our source indicates that “everyone is afraid of him.” So, apparently The Joker and Batman will have an already established relationship here, which would make perfect sense seeing as we have a much older Batman in this new DCCU, rather than a new one just starting out.

On The Enchantress:

Cara Delevingne’s The Enchantress is another character most of us know very little about. Regardless, it seems she’s “really powerful” and is instrumental in the film’s prison riot finale, which is said to be “crazy” (but in a good way, of course).

On that potential Batman cameo:

Apparently, Batman "is mentioned in the script and even shown on surveillance cameras" with Amanda Waller "after him for something." As for an actual appearance from Affleck himself, that's said to be dependent on his schedule, so it's not set in stone, but certainly a good possibility.

A lot to digest, I know, but certainly a healthy dose of fun rumors and interesting tidbits. Again, none of this is confirmed, merely what's come to us from our source, so you can regard it as rumor for now. I'm sure the floodgates of info will continue to flood in for SUICIDE SQUAD, which has quickly become as hotly anticipated as BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE. Indeed, from all the details I've heard thus far, my excitement level is certainly elevated, especially with Ayer at the helm. I love the interconnectivity that WB is building and it feels like both BVS and SUICIDE SQUAD will establish the roots for their future franchises to grow in a big way.

SUICIDE SQUAD hits theaters on August 5, 2016.

Source: JoBlo.com

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