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Spiders 3D set for March 12 Blu-ray release

Ah, the sweet aroma of giant B-movie spiders! Millennium Entertainment has just announced the upcoming 3D + 2D Blu-ray, DVD and VOD release for SPIDERS 3D on March 12. The film had a theatrical run on February 8th so if you didn't get a chance to see some freaky as shit giant spiders grace the silver screen you can pick it up on Blu-ray very soon. SPIDERS 3D centers on mutant...
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It's the Booze Talkin': VOD is Great for Horror Fans

A few years ago there was a big announcement by Hollywood studios, and at the time it seemed like the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard: they were going to start releasing movies on video the same day the movies hit theaters. How the flying f*ck does that make any sense? No one is going to see a movie in theaters if they can get it on video the same day, right? This move was surely...
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Spiders 3D gets theatrical and VOD release dates

In the mood for a little (or big) killer mutant bug action? Then your spidey sense must be tingling! Millennium Entertainment announced today that they're planning a February 8, 2013 limited release of SPIDERS 3D . The theatrical cut will be rated PG-13 with a running time of 89 minutes and SPIDERS will also be released the same day via VOD platforms nationwide in 2D....
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