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Top 10 Canadian Horror Flicks!

Although our very own The Arrow found it a little less effective than both Eric and I, there's no doubt that Robert Eggers' THE WITCH is one of the most harrowing horror films to come out this past calendar year. And don't look now, but the film was made in Canada! With this in mind, we thought it'd be a ton of fun to stir the old noggin and come up with a list of our favorite Canadian horror...
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In Fear director Jeremy Lovering talks The Changeling remake

Very few movies genuinely creep me out. One film that really did a number on me was Peter Medak's 1980 classic THE CHANGELING , starring George C. Scott. More recently I was unnerved by the pulse-pounding tension from director Jeremy Lovering's IN FEAR , which is now in release. So it was with much excitement that I heard that Lovering is thinking about tackling a remake of...
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Cool Horror Videos: The Changeling-inspired music video Joseph Carmichael

Fans of THE CHANGELING , the spooky Peter Medak-directed chiller from 1980, will appreciate this "music video" for Drop Goblin's "Joseph Carmichael," which used footage from the film. Joseph Carmichael is a character in THE CHANGELING, played by Melvyn Douglas. The film also stars George C. Scott, Trish Van Devere and Jean Marsh. You should absolutely give the film a look if you...
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