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Sin City TV series announced! Check out who's involved

I remember first seeing the trailer for Robert Rodriguez's SIN CITY adaptation I guess it was over ten years ago now. Sh*t... Anyhow the trailer blew me away and I wore that sumbitch out, making every single one of my friends watch it over and over. Then we all saw the movie and loved it. Then the sequel took f*cking years to finally hit the screen and we all lost interest...
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Top 10 Horror Movie Suicides!

Hey now, word on the street is SUICIDE SQUAD is so bad you may want to kill yourself after watching it. How ironic. Even more depressing is how such a universally pegged movie of mediocrity actually broke the box-office record for an all-time August opening. Oh the humanity. Who the hell needs a drink?! Hey, hey, chin up now. I know that with SUICIDE SQUAD on the brain, not to mention...
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It's all for you, Damien: The Omen is getting a movie prequel

THE OMEN is back in the pop culture conversation thanks to A&E's series Damien , but that conversation was just interrupted by some crazy news: A movie prequel to the 1976 film is in the works from 20th Century Fox. THE FIRST OMEN , as it is currently titled, will be the first film in the franchise since 2006's remake starring Liev Schreiber and Julia Stiles. So far...
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TV review: Damien S1, episode 3 (The Deliverer)

PLOT: Damien (Bradley James) investigates what the BLEEP is going on around and within him further and we learn more about Ann Rutledge (Barbara Hershey) and the group that she's part of. REVIEW: One thing I realized while clocking this third episode of DAMIEN is that the show doesn't have much "story" hence it's starting to stretch things out. At the...
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TV review: Damien S1, episode 2 (Second Death)

PLOT: Damien (Bradley James) begins to look in the Bible for answers, a mysterious assassin is on his tail while Ann Rutledge (Barbara Hershey) reveals more of her cards to Damien. REVIEW: Although the first episode didn’t knock my socks off, I decided to come back and give DAMIEN another go at it and I am happy that I did. Don’t get me wrong, the show still...
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TV review: Damien S1, episode 1 (The Beast Rises)

PLOT: On his 30th birthday, pretty boy photographer Damien Thorn (Bradley James) has odd things happen to him, hinting he may be the spawn of EVILLLLLLL (in Sam Loomis voice). REVIEW: I’m a big THE OMEN series fan. Although the original 1976 film is untouchable in my book; I still had some fun with THE OMEN 2 and THE OMEN 3 . The less said about that stale 1991...
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This Damien teaser is pretty beast

So far the upcoming A&E series Damien has seemed pretty standard. However, this new teaser, entitled "Beast," is pulling out some pretty extraordinary imagery. We'll have to wait until the show's premiere to see if this exemplifies the show's aesthetic or not, but it definitely looks more Hannibal than Grimm. I'm in, at least for one episode. Check out...
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You better run from this Damien teaser

A&E's Damien is going to be an interesting watch. Covering the ground in between THE OMEN and its sequels, we're going to be presented with a Damien who's unaware of his evilness and presumably struggling with the growing darkness inside à la Luke Skywalker. I'm excited to see how they treat this character, who could be a real meaty one for young...
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This Damien poster unleashes the beast

A&E's OMEN-based series,  Damien , takes an interesting angle in that its timeline fits more or less between the movie and its sequels. Not quite a sequel, definitely not a prequel, it is in a very intriguing place that might turn out to bear some truly horrific fruit. This new poster for the show is simple, but effective in evoking the world of Damien, which will...
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Welcome Home the evil little monster that is A&E's Damien

Just two days after catching an eyeful of a promo teaser for A&E's new OMEN spin-off series Damien, it's now time to "Welcome Home" the titular devil-child in a slightly longer new look at the show that's been unveiled. As always, you can peruse that sucker below! Damien follows the adult life of Damien Thorn, the mysterious child from the 1976 motion...
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New teaser from A&E takes a dive for Damien

A premiere date has yet to be announced for Damien , A&E's series follow-up to the horror classic THE OMEN , but a new teaser has been released online that shows a flashy update of a very famous moment from the 1976 film. Set twenty-five years after the events of THE OMEN and starring Bradley James as the eponymous character, Damien is described as a "conspiracy...
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Where in the Horror are they Now? 'Damien' Jonathan Scott-Taylor!

'DAMIEN' JONATHAN SCOTT-TAYLOR THEN: This week in theatres, we are seeing the return of the creepy kid horror flick. And in SINISTER 2, you have not one, but two terrifying twins. Of course there have been quite a few young actors who have scared audiences throughout the years. Some of them are quite memorable, and some not so much, but who can forget about...
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