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Predator has been cast in Shane Black's The Predator

When Shane Black first became attached to THE PREDATOR I almost died from fanboy ecstasy. Then came word Black would be joined by Fred Dekker to write script and I thought I was living in a fantasy world of awesomeness. Then came news of The Punisher would whoop some Predator ass with Tom Jane joining the party. The news is really too much sometimes. I laid low and waited/hoped...
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Room star Jacob Tremblay joins Tom Jane for Shane Black's The Predator

As we just heard yesterday, Tom Jane recently began negotiations to join the cast of Shane Black's upcoming remake/reboot/sequel to PREDATOR , called THE PREDATOR . Well, it's time to welcome another member to the quickly growing cast with child actor extraordinaire Jacob Tremblay . Young Jacob made splash last year starring in the Indie-Drama Oscar darling ROOM ,...
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Kill of the Day: The Mist (2007)

I just finished tapping Stephen King's UNDER THE DOME and am currently tackling DUMA KEY. In doing so I've come to a pretty easy conclusion - Stephen King is one tapped dude. Add that to the mind of Frank Darabont and you've got THE MIST. We all know how that one goes, right? Well for today's Kill of the Day I'm going with the scene that started all the madness. This poor grocery dude...
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