Stephen King praises super-creepy 1922 starring Tom Jane

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

As if there weren't enough people out there trying to get an interview with Mr. Stephen King at any other time of his professional life, this week, with the release of King's IT, the man has been in the news more than these f*cking hurricanes we're dealing with here down south.

Anyhow, King recently sat down with Yahoo! and talked about how much he loved STRANGER THINGS and why there was never an official CREEPSHOW 3. But on top of all of that, King then goes on highly recommend one of his upcoming adaptations above all the others:

King on 1922 starring Tom Jane:

Gerald’s Game is terrific, I’ve seen that. The one you want to watch for is, Netflix did an adaptation of 1922 from Full Dark, No Stars. I think that’s going to be out in October or something, and man, I saw a rough cut of that and it won’t leave my mind. That is super creepy!

Wow. Is King recommending 1922 over GERALD'S GAME? I would have thought Mike Flanagan's flick would have been the stronger contender there but turns out King loves him some super creepy Tom Jane.

And who doesn't?

Now, just to be thorough here, I've also included King's thoughts on STRANGER THINGS and his quote on why we never got an official CREEPSHOW 3. You can browse those below and then let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

King on Stranger Things:

I loved that show. The Duffer brothers have pretty much said that I was an influence on their show, so I’m not trying to pat myself on the back. This is something that they’ve said. But they obviously internalized the idea that the characters count. And they also found that sweet spot in American life, which is sort of middle class, and small town, and there’s a textured feeling to those characters. The small-town bumbling sheriff who stands up for all the things that are good. And Winona Ryder was so goddamn good in that show as the mother. So all those things work, and the kids work.

I’ve said before in various interviews — and it’s true of Tom Taylor in The Dark Tower, too — child actors seem a lot better than they were in my own younger days. It’s eerie how good some of them are. Finn is a terrific young actor, and he was perfect to play Ritchie. It’s not the same character that he plays in Stranger Things, but he’s terrific. And the girl, Millie Bobby Brown, she’s terrific. She’s never really done anything before, and she just shines.

King on CREEPSHOW 3:

I think that neither one of us [Geroge A. Romero] wanted to get into a Children of the Corn franchise. We weren’t in the franchise business. George had things that he wanted to do, and I think there also would have been some legal issues maybe with some of the people that he worked with over the years — I don’t know exactly, I’m just guessing at that. 

1922 synopsis:

A father (Tom Jane) manipulates his teenaged son into helping him murder his own mother.

1922 is directed by Zak Hilditch from a screenplay he wrote based on King's 131-page novella from Full Dark, No Stars. The film stars Tom Jane, Molly Parker, Dylan Schmid, Kaitlyn Bernard, Brian d’Arcy James and Neal McDonough.

1922 premieres at this year's Fantastic Fest and then hits Netflix October 20th.

Source: Yahoo!

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