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Top 10 Hottest Horror Cheerleaders!

Cheerleaders. They've got spunk! Why then have they been so unceremoniously victimized in horror flicks going back at least four decades? We can't offer a certified answer, but anyone who's seen SATAN'S CHEERLEADERS (1977) knows what we're talking about. And straight up, what better way to celebrate the summer than by supporting some of our favorite horror cheerleaders to ever lace 'em up?...
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CW planning a Vampire Diaries spin-off series called The Originals?

Gross misnomer aside, The CW is ready to pilot a new "Vampire Diaries" spin-off series called "The Originals." Whoa, whoa...temper your excitement! Introduced as an actual episode of "Vampire Diaries," set to air April 25th, the potential spin-off ep will essentially serve as a "backdoor" pilot. Depending on popularity of said airing, the network hopes to get "The Originals" ready...
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