Top 10 Hottest Horror Cheerleaders!

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Cheerleaders. They’ve got spunk! Why then have they been so unceremoniously victimized in horror flicks going back at least four decades? We can’t offer a certified answer, but anyone who’s seen SATAN’S CHEERLEADERS (1977) knows what we’re talking about. And straight up, what better way to celebrate the summer than by supporting some of our favorite horror cheerleaders to ever lace ’em up? You down?

Gimme a F-*-C-K-Y-E-A-H! Peep our Top 10 Hottest Horror Cheerleaders below!


Okay okay, so Katrina Bowden’s hasn’t actually played a cheerleader in a film, but come on, this chick has suited up and lead more cheers than Ted f*cking Danson. Besides, between her bikini-clad role in PIRANHA 3DD, her scantily adorned attire in TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL and her sexy orderly scrubs in NURSE 3D, we feel it’s only a matter of time before Katrina officially plays a plucky pom-pom waving beauty at some point in her career. Hot, wet, windblown…Hurricane Katrina indeed!


Anyone see MEW flash her supple derriere in FARGO 3 the other day? Straight smoke! And while we sure hope that wasn’t a body double, we’re quite certain of the inextinguishable heat Mary’s cheerleader character showed off in Tarantino’s DEATH PROOF. So sweet, so innocent, do demure, yet so utterly delectable that we actually become jealous of that perved out redneck letch Jasper when left alone with her in a soporific state (no, not Tennessee).


A Foxy lady indeed is Mrs. Brian Silver, aka Megan Austin Green. And as we’ve argued before, JENNIFER’S BODY is a better movie than people remember it as, primarily due to the peak-physical prowess of the titular nubile sexpot. Wisely, the filmmakers weaponized Fox’s Scoville level heat index by overtly using it to lustily lure in unsuspecting teenage boys before demonically devouring them to death. Tight undies, prom dresses, skimpy schoolgirl unis are all on display, but you can’t skirt the skirt yo!


Damn, Buffy sure grips the hardwood like a boss! And while the TV adaptation went on to achieve more notoriety than the film, there’s no question Kristy Swanson out ranks Sarah Michelle Gellar in terms of sheer sexual piquancy. Don’t agree? Go find Swanson’s Playboy spread…you’re welcome! Now, never-mind the neoprene tights shown above, or the fact she’s threatening Pee Wee Herman of all people with a phallic wooden spike, the combo of a dumb, ditzy blonde being a world-saving, vampire-slaying heroine is too good to omit.


Pick your poison. I’m kind of crushing on the fiery scarlet lady over there on the left. Her name is Amanda Grace Benitez, as seen in Lucky McKee’s cheery charnel house ALL CHEERLEADERS DIE. The others include Brooke Butler, Caitlin Stasey and Reanin Johannik, and frankly, there’s no wrong answer among them. It’s interesting to note that this 2013 title is a remake of McKee’s own 2001 film, though plot details vary slightly. Neither is a great film, but what they lack in quality story-wise the make up for in unbridled sexiness!


Who agrees, Maria Bello has a world class facial bone structure. So pretty! And thankfully for us, in Cronenberg’s A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE, the inveterate head-turner got to live out her lewd romantic fantasies, and by proxy our own, when sexily role-playing as a cheerleader with her hubby Viggo. I love this inclusion because, at 38 years old when filming, this is our only bona fide cheerleading cougar on the list. No ageism around here boys, hot is hot!


Don’t let that voluminous 80s perm fool you, Betsy Russell is one fine ass female! She was in 1988 when filming CHEERLEADER CAMP as a 25 year old, and she still is today well into her 50s. Actually, I’d argue Russell is in that substrata of actresses who get better with age, Susan Sarandon style. And as far as age-appreciation goes, CHEERLEADER CAMP itself is a pretty fun, blood-soaked whodunit. I recall watching it with a group of high-school friends and how my boy Karl correctly called the killer culprit!


Hey now, let’s hear it for this lustily lissome harem of nubile hotties as seen in the little known 2014 horror flick VARSITY BLOOD…a collective bow for the collective! Now, to be honest, we wanted to single out Elle LaMont as the most fetching of the bunch, as she’s the one who tends to strip down and flash the most skin, but come on, when comes to spreading cheer, six will always outdo one! Besides, there’s something about the sexy uniforms and slathered eye-makeup that turns up the heat!


Man oh man, I don’t know who the hell Denise Williamson is, and I’ve never heard of the 2009 slasher joint SPIRIT CAMP. But you know what? With a picture like that, who gives a flying f*ck?! It’s now my mission to lead the cheerful charge to drum up more eyeballs for not just Williamson, but also for her two incendiary sidekicks in the flick, Julin Jean and Roxy Vandiver, both worthy of depiction here. Megan Moser also stars in what sounds like a fun mix of FRIDAY THE 13TH and BRING IT ON.


Let’s be clear, Bulgarian born ingenue Nina Dobrev is way too gorgeous to bring up the rear. She’s only kicking off this Ten Spot due to her cheerleader character being on a TV show rather than in a legit horror film. Still, she’s too smoldering to leave out entirely, particularly when flashing her pert frame and rock hard abs. Consider this also a nod to her entire 8 season run on the now defunct Vampire Diaries. Up next for Nina, keep an eye peeled for her in FLATLINERS this fall!

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