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Lost 1975 slasher The Intruder is coming to Blu-ray

There are too many horror movies with the title INTRUDER or a variation thereof - some add a "THE", some make it plural, they're all crowding a market that should belong to Scott Spiegel's 1989 slasher classic INTRUDER . If I heard another new horror movie was coming out with INTRUDER as the title, I would be annoyed... but while there is another THE INTRUDER coming...
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Kill of the Day: Cellar Dweller (1988)

While searching for today's Kill of the Day I stumbled upon something great folks. I'm talking one of those one-in-a-hundred kills that just oozes awesomeness. Now this scene is only seconds long and features a disgusting creature swatting some dude's head off. Yeah. The creature just swats at this guy and swipes his head clean off. Pretty awesome stuff! So for today's Kill go ahead and...
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NBC discusses a release date for Hannibal and the future of The Munsters

So apparently NBC is all about the horror stuff what with the current popularity of GRIMM and its upcoming Thomas Harris adaptation HANNIBAL. Speaking of the latter, NBC executive Robert Greenblatt has announced the serial killer procedural could be premiered as soon as this season. According to TV Guide Greenblatt said Hannibal could make it on the schedule before the end...
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