A new batch of Green Lantern character posters takes an oath

It's easy for DC to get overshadowed by Marvel's big AVENGERS party at Comic-Con this year with no real Superman or Batman news to speak of. A JLA movie has been long dead, and likely will be for some time, but GREEN LANTERN stands as one of the building blocks toward that endgame, and had some goodies of its own to debut at Con this year. 

One that we can now share with you below is this series of character posters straight from Warner Bros. They feature Reynolds, Lively, Strong and Sarsgaard as their respective heroes and villains, each with a piece of Green Lantern oath attached.

No more shots of Reynolds much debated CGI costume, but we get a pretty good look at Strong and Sarsgaard's makeup. Check them out below and click to go to the Pimpin' Poster Palace for hi-res versions!

Extra Tidbit: Reynolds should have been The Flash. I'm just saying...
Source: JoBlo.com



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