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CAN: Posters!


Hey all, Arrow here from Cannes! Did my yearly visit at the Cannes market today (slow market with wayyyy too many low budget films IMO) and caught a couple of nifty posters for upcoming cinematic oeuvres that may interest some of ya. And please tell me that I am not the only one FLOORED in a NEGATIVE way by the one sheet for the BAD LIEUTENANT remake starring NICOLAS CAGE. Sheesh! I thought that bit of news back then was a joke, I guess they in fact went on with it and made the film i.e. the joke is ON ME!

Should've called it "Bad Idea"! Come on Nick!

aka rent HEAT again instead!

Cannibals in the city? I'M THERE!

"Insert your own pun here"

I have no idea who this girl is but I dug the ripped jeans and its about catfights hence...

Could be something... FREE SNIPES!!!!

A new NINJA movie? About damn time!

Kilmer is in da club!

I see dead careers!

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