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Check out Terrence Malick directing Christian Bale at the Austin City Limits Music Festival


Spotting Terrence Malick (THE TREE OF LIFE), not only out in the wild but in his natural habitat behind the camera, I think is the equivalent of seeing Sasquatch.

Now, thanks to intrepid Malick and/or music fans, sightings of the reclusive filmmaker have finally been captured! This past weekend at the Austin City Limits Music Festival, Malick was spotted directing Christian Bale (THE DARK KNIGHT RISES) for what's presumably the pair's upcoming untitled project, of which we still know nothing about (though it's probably safe to say that live music may play some sort of factor in the film).

A couple of photos of the two in action are here on the page as well as a video uploaded by a person who weirdly got really up close to Malick and Bale in the midst of their whole process. A rarity for most films let alone a Malick feature. Pretty neat!

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