Craig goes Blind

Daniel Craig and Julianne Moore are both in talks to star in the upcoming futuristic drama BLINDNESS for director Fernando Meirelles (THE CONSTANT GARDNER). The film would take place at at time when an epidemic of blindness suddenly sweeps a large metropolitan area and, as you might expect, the shit hits the fan. Craig will play a doctor stricken with the blindness and Moore will play his wife who was spared but pretends to be afflicted so she can follow him into the quarantined area where the blind are being kept. The film will be based on the novel by Nobel Prize winner Jose Saramago. The project is set up at Focus Features where Meirelles had success with GARDNER. Despite the typecasting worries that can come along with playing James Bond, Craig has stayed a busy bee with INVASION and THE GOLDEN COMPASS both due this year and BLINDNESS and BOND 22 both set for filming in 2007. CASINO ROYALE hit DVD shelves on Tuesday.

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Source: Variety



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