Craig's Fool Flashback

Daniel Craig Daniel Craig continues his quest to not be pigeonholed as James Bond by signing on to writer/director Baillie Walsh's feature debut FLASHBACKS OF A FOOL. In it, he'll play a veteran British former A-list actor whose career is on the decline. Helen McCrory, Olivia Williams and Emilia Fox have also joined the cast, presumably as women who, at one time or another, have shared nights of in flagrante delicto with Craig's swinging bachelor character. In other words, he bangs them. Or maybe they play less superfluous characters. No one really knows at this point but as soon as we do, we'll be sure to let you know. Unless, of course, we forget. But we probably won't. Maybe. In any case, Craig can next be seen alongside Nicole Kidman in both in the fantasy adventure THE GOLDEN COMPASS and the sci fi thriller THE INVASION, in the dramedy I, LUCIFER, has recently signed on to the drama DEFIANCE and will, of course, be reprising his womanizing, expert-killing ways as James Bond in BOND 22.

Extra Tidbit: Craig was at one point considered for the role of Rorschach in the WATCHMEN adaptation.
Source: Reuters



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