Deadpool writers

I had honestly thought that once Ryan Reynolds signed on to star in GREEN LANTERN (which begins filming next month), that Fox's proposed DEADPOOL movie would probably never happen. I mean, a glorified cameo in WOLVERINE is one thing but two superhero movies in two separate universes for one actor? It all just seemed a little too much to me. But Fox is undaunted and is moving ahead with DEADPOOL, hiring ZOMBIELAND writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick to write the screenplay.

The current thought is that Reynolds could segue almost directly from GREEN LANTERN to DEADPOOL assuming the former wraps production this summer and the latter gets itself ready to roll this summer. That's probably wishful thinking though as things never seem to work out that perfectly. But Reynolds is a big fan of DEADPOOL and would likely do his best to fit it in, should it ever be ready to go.

So with Reese and Wernick working on the script, who exactly do we get to direct this thing?

Extra Tidbit: Deadpool is probably the only good thing to come out of Rob Liefeld's career.
Source: Variety



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