Dolemite redo? NOOO!

In theory I'm not opposed to a remake of the blaxploitation classic DOLEMITE. In theory. But this particular version that is shaping up in Hollywood, I am greatly opposed to. For one, it stars Wayne Brady. The same Wayne Brady who on "Chappelle's Show" was said to make Bryant Gumble look like Malcolm X. It doesn't look like Brady will be starring as Dolemite himself but instead that will go to another "Chappelle" vet, Charlie Murphy. While I think Charlie's got the wit to pull of the role made famous by Rudy Ray Moore (himself a comedian), he just isn't Dolemite. Moore, as goofy as he was with his rhymes, was also a considerably imposing presence. Recasting him as a thin, Snoop Dogg-esque pimp is a mistake (not surprisingly Snoop is also in talks to join the film). Think Terrance Howard but funnier. Sadly this DOLEMITE remake looks to be going the low-budget route. If you've never seen the original DOLEMITE, I highly suggest you Netflix it (and to a lesser extent it's sequel THE HUMAN TORNADO). If you don't believe me, check out this YouTube clip. If the "What the shit?!" line doesn't get you, the constant shots of the boom mic have got to warm the cockles of your heart. God bless DOLEMITE and keep your fingers crossed that this remake doesn't suck as hard as it sounds.

Extra Tidbit: "I'm going to let 'em know that Dolemite is my name and f***ing up motherf***er's is my game!"



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