Exclusive: New pics from Simon Pegg's Burke and Hare!

John Landis hasn't had a feature film in theaters in over 10 years but that's about to change this weekend with the UK release of the Simon Pegg romantic comedy (albeit a dark romantic comedy) BURKE & HARE. The film, which stars Pegg and Andy Serkis as real life duo William Burke and William Hare, who in the 1800s were responsible for a number of murders in Edinburgh. In Landis' version, their get-rich-quick scheme of providing cadavers for city doctors runs into a glitch when they run out of bodies. Looking to keep the scheme going, they find comical ways to bump off locals.

We've got an exclusive look at a few new pics from the film, which in addition to Pegg and Serkis stars Isla Fisher, Tim Curry and Tom Wilkinson. If you're as big a Landis fan as we are, you're gonna want to check this out (sadly though, the film doesn't yet have US distribution). Check out the pics below!

Source: JoBlo.com



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