Exclusive: This Harry Brown clip is a riot!

While HARRY BROWN opened in the UK last year, US audiences have only been able to get peeks at it as it tours the festival circuit. It's been winning raves at both the Toronto Film Fest and recently at SXSW where it played to cheers and applause. Michael Caine proves at 77-year-old that he can kick some ass just as well as any of these young whippersnappers.

We'll finally get a chance to see the film in theaters later this month as HARRY BROWN opens on April 30th. To help celebrate, we're happy to present an exclusive clip from the film!

This riot scene is a moment of pure anarchy in an already intense film. It gives the idea of the type of crime that’s happening in Harry Brown’s neighborhood. The violence in the neighborhood and the death of Brown's friend Leonard cause him to be pushed over the edge. I've heard the movie described as something like A CLOCKWORK ORANGE meets TAXI DRIVER and while I suppose that's somewhat accurate, I think it even sells the film short. It's more than that. HARRY BROWN is its own movie. Check out our exclusive clip below to see what you think.

Source: JoBlo.com



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