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First look at Doctor Doom from Josh Trank's The Fantastic Four?


Last month we got (what might be) a first look at Jamie Bell's The Thing from THE FANTASTIC FOUR, and now it's Doctor Doom's turn. Geek Pride has posted a couple of leaked images they claim are from the set of Josh Trank's new movie featuring the villain. It also looks like the Human Torch was involved with the scene that was being filmed when the pictures were taken, as well as an actor wearing a motion capture suit. Maybe it's Jamie Bell's stand in for The Thing?

Check them out:

Is it me, or does Doctor Doom look a little...small? We should remember though this probably isn't exactly of how he'll look in THE FANTASTIC FOUR, and there will likely be at least some CGI used for the final version of his costume for the film. Although Toby Kebbell is playing the character, it's not clear if that's actually him wearing the costume in the pictures above, or a stunt person.

Besides providing Greek Pride with these possible set images, their source also told the site, "Sue and Johnny Storm are adopted in this version, thus accounting for their different racial backgrounds."

Are you fine with Sue and Johnny Storm possibly being adopted in THE FANTASTIC FOUR? And what are your thoughts on how Doctor Doom might look in the Josh Trank film?

THE FANTASTIC FOUR is scheduled to hit theaters on June 19, 2015.

Source: Geek Pride



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