Is this the first look at The Thing in Josh Trank's The Fantastic Four?

While 20th Century Fox and Josh Trank elected not to showcase anything related to the upcoming reboot of THE FANTASTIC FOUR, a new image has been making the rounds and purports to be the first look at the design for The Thing in the Marvel superhero film.

The image has been tweeted numerous times (and taken down just as many) and features a watermark for Justified Films which does not appear to have any connection to THE FANTASTIC FOUR production. The image is a hazy look at a green screen and shows a reference model for The Thing, similar to what was used during THE AVENGERS for The Hulk. While this has yet to be substantiated, the fact the images continue to be deleted may hint that this is what we can expect The Thing to look like.

Jamie Bell will portray Ben Grimm in THE FANTASTIC FOUR and likely we will doing the motion capture for The Thing after his transformation. While I liked Michael Chiklis in the previous FANTASTIC FOUR movies and loved their use of practical effects, this looks good too. THE FANTASTIC FOUR is said to be going for a more gritty and dark take on the story, so this design is slightly more along those lines. But, it is The Thing, so as long as it looks unlike the Roger Corman version, we are all good.

THE FANTASTIC FOUR hits theaters on June 19, 2015.

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