Goonies: The Musical?

It'd be just fine with me if nothing further ever really happened with THE GOONIES. No remake, no spinoffs, no cartoon....nothing. The movie is doing just fine on its own without any need to bring the concept into the 2000s. That said, I do appreciate the work a bunch of GOONIES fans put into making their own musical based on the film.

While original director Richard Donner has actually been doing some research into a real GOONIES musical, Rob Dean and Keith Doughty decided to write their own songs based on the film. And? Well...I'm not exactly lining up for tickets but like I said earlier, I'm not exactly dying for some new GOONIES material. Still I can appreciate the dedication and work that went into composing this work. Slashfilm has the scoop on the guys and has a few of their songs for listening as well as the lyrics (just in case you want to get your Sloth audition tape ready). Check it out and let me know what you think.

Extra Tidbit: How have they not written the "Goonies Never Say Die!" song yet?
Source: Slashfilm



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