Jason Segel and Ed Helms star for Duplass brothers

Jason Segel and Ed Helms have signed on to star in JEFF WHO LIVES AT HOME, an upcoming comedy from writer/directors Mark and Jay Duplass. The film will star the two actors as brothers - one a loser stoner who still lives at home (Segel) and the other uptight and overbearing (Helms). While this sounds good on the surface, the project is being produced by Jason Reitman and John Malkovich's Mr. Mudd company, the same duo that teamed up for JUNO. I don't want to beat the long dead horse about my severe distaste for that movie but I'm hoping the sensibilities of the Duplass boys, Segel and Helms can override any other "outside forces."

Both Segel and Helms are busy in the coming months with Segel wrapping work on "How I Married Your Mother" and then segueing to BAD TEACHER with Cameron Diaz. Helms has "The Office" to finish up and the Universal comedy CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE with director Dean Parisot.

The Duplass brothers have their latest comedy CYRUS (with Jonah Hill and John C. Reilly) set for release this summer and will be screening this weekend in SXSW.

Extra Tidbit: I took a lot of heat in 2007 for my JUNO hate.
Source: THR



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