Kate uses White Out

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Kate Beckinsale is one of the hottest women I've ever seen in person. Just absolutely stunning and not at all pretentious. I was sad to see her stoop to playing the wife/GF character in an Adam Sandler movie (especially one as inane as CLICK). She's now got another Sandlerless starring role on the way, a thriller titled WHITEOUT. Beckinsale replaces Reese Witherspoon who dropped out of the project last year. Dominic Sena (SWORDFISH) has signed on to direct the film based on the graphic novel by Greg Rucka. The film follows a female US Marshal who's in a race to solve a murder at a military base in Antarctica before the sun sets for a six-month stretch of time and she's trapped on the icy continent with the killer all winter. Filming is scheduled to begin this March in JoBlo's backyard in Montreal. So if you read about a certain webmaster and Ms. Beckinsale canoodling in an area bar, don't say I didn't tell you so.

Extra Tidbit: Wite-Out was not invented by a secretary, as urban legend would have, but by a insurance company clerk and one of his associates.



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