Lords Day coming

Lords Day book cover

Terrorists taking over the British House of Lords have to contend with one parliament member who happens to be a former special ops. Think DIE HARD: WITH A CRUMPET.

That is the premise of THE LORDS DAY, courtesy of screenwriter Robert Mark Kamen who I must admit did a kick-ass job on the highly-profitable Liam Neeson thriller TAKEN, and managed to find three shirtless-fighting jobs for THE TRANSPORTER. Surprisingly enough, Sony Pictures hopes to sprawl a new franchise with this one as well...

The project, based on a novel by Michael Dobbs, comes from Charles Roven, also known as producer to THE DARK KNIGHT as well as the upcoming REMO WILLIAMS reboot and VOLTRON "necessity". Guess we'll have to wait for director and star announcements before passing a premature judgment. Anybody read the novel?

Extra Tidbit: Three things I learned from watching TAKEN - 1.Nobody speaks French in Paris, 2.Don't need to bring your special ops buddies when rescuing your own daughter, 3. DO NOT mess with Liam friggin Neeson.



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