More Surrogates BTS

In need of some more Bruce Willis?! Well, we've got it for you in the form of a behind the scenes featurette from the upcoming SURROGATES.

This one gives you an idea of what is coming from this futuristic world of who's really who and who isn't. When we got a first look at one of the international posters as well as some teasers, I was a little leery. The more I see from the film as of late though looks really great. How silly of me to ever doubt anything Willis does.

The movies plot is interesting, reminding me a little of I, ROBOT with a more human connection but still creepy. I'm also a fan of Radha Mitchell so it's nice to see her in this project as well.

Extra Tidbit: Still on the subject of sci-fi movies, I loved TOTAL RECALL as a kid. I watched it again not too long ago and wondered, 'Why is Sharon Stone always a total bitch?!'
Source: JoBlo



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