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Moviegoers from the 50s

Will you wait for our overlord JoBlo's review before seeing a movie? Apparently you will only if you friended him on Movie Fan Central. And that's a scientific study folks. Can't even say I'm talking out of my arse on this one.

A new report called "Moviegoers 2010" from marketing firm Stradella Road, which aims to "assist film marketers in determining how to reach consumers over the next decade" (in other words how best to make you spend) shows that 84% of a survey's respondents disregard what critics say about a movie, BUT 75% will listen to what a friend says, with 73% of them all having a social networking profile. And out of those, only 28% would change their minds about seeing the film in theaters if JoBlo said it stinks to high heavens. That explains one director I like to bash still having a job...

The study also breaks down moviegoers into habits versus age groups, focusing on the fact that 94% of all moviegoers are online. I don't wish to say Duh, but... Oh wait, here it comes.... D...Nope, managed keep it in. So, if you are:

  • 13 to 17, you go out to the movies in large group and listen to what the group says, while social networking is a major influence. Don't consider yourselves rebels, kids. You're SHEEP!
  • 18 to 29, you're "digital natives that have grown up with technology", and you trust consumer reviews. You're SHEEP too. Just more informed. Good for you!
  • 30s, we're apparently the ones who spend the most time online, but we go to the movies mostly according to the wife and kids. That's MY excuse for sitting through TWILIGHT. What's yours?
  • 40s, still read what newspapers and magazines have to say, and will be somewhat influenced by teens. Like, whatever.
  • Over 50, you avoid crowds and try to stick to matinees. You also think there's way too many commercials nowadays. That's what I like though; gives you an extra 15 minutes to answer nature's call after guzzling down that liter-a-cola before the film even started.

The study didn't go into which genre each age group prefers, something that would probably bare some marketing influence; I'm pretty sure every tween wanted a cell phone like Kristen Stewart's, last year.

The report concludes with 79% respondents stating their motivation for going out to see a film as "Going to the movies is a good escape from everyday life."I go because I like movies, but I guess that escape thing applies as well. What's your reason?

Extra Tidbit: Why is it called a 2010 report? Like cars - why are the new models NEXT YEAR's models? Why not call them this year's NEW models?
Source: Variety



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