Natalie 24/7?

OK, now I'm convinced Hollywood is trying to officially bleed me dry of every single cent I own. First it was all these movies based on crap I loved as a kid (TRANSFORMERS, X-MEN, NANCY DREW...um, strike that last comment from the record) and now it's a video feed of Natalie Portman's life. Yes, you read that correctly: a life cast of Natalie Portman. Tech blog Valleywag is reporting that Portman and her agents are shopping for partners in Silicon Valley to fund a project that would feature "a continuous video feed of her work and personal life." To paraphrase Jim Halpert, congratulations Hollywood, you win. My mind is officially freakin blown. I'll just handover my cash, credit cards and free time and get a comfy chair to sit in for the next couple years while this project unspools (especially if it features stuff like what you see to the right). Am I alone in this? Would anyone else drop some serious cash to see this? It's gotta be better than V FOR VENDETTA, right?

Source: Valleywag



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