New Moon rises soon

NEW MOON The folks over at Summit Entertainment want to capitalize on the success of TWILIGHT like now as they've given a release date of November 20th, 2009 to the sequel NEW MOON. That's less than a year to finalize a script, shoot, edit and wrap up this bad boy so the teenage girl masses can swoon and scream. They're showing a lot of confidence in the film's box office potential too because the date pins the film up against the Guy Ritchie directed, SHERLOCK HOLMES re-imagining. What's more, they're planning to get all SAW on our asses and release the follow-ups, ECLIPSE and BREAKING DAWN, in yearly succession. In 2010, however, they'll be going up against grand daddy HARRY POTTER so, needless to say, it'll be a real bloodbath of teenage swooning versus nerd geeking. In NEW MOON, Bella falls for her lycan friend Jacob after her vampire love Edward leaves or something.

Extra Tidbit: Word on the street is Summit is looking to replace Taylor Lautner as Jacob because he's a little too scrawny to be a hunky manbeef lead.
Source: Variety



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