Roger Returns?

Nine months ago Roger Ebert suffered complications from surgery for salivary cancer, keeping him out of the balcony and away from his computer for much, much longer than anyone anticipated. Week after week, his colleague and occasional combatant Richard Roeper has been joined by a rotating cast of thumbs, some of whom were admirable (A.O. Scott) and others who didn't really deserve to sit in Roger's chair (Jay Leno??). As if that weren't enough, both his website and the Chicago Sun-Times remained void of his intelligent, witty and often poignant reviews. There's a reason why the man is the most respected film critic out there. Point is, Roger Ebert cannot come back soon enough. There are some biggies opening in the next few months that I and countless other's wouldn't mind getting his take on. And it isn't just about the direction his thumb is pointing in. The man can write.

To reassure us that he's on the road to recovery and determined to get back in the theatre, Ebert posted an update on his official website on the eve of his 40th anniversary as a critic, which you can read HERE. The news is good folks, as he assures us he'll be back sooner rather than later. Phew. Here's an excerpt:

I began my rehabilitation there, and I am continuing it, along with an overhaul of my general health, at the Pritikin Center in Florida. Also, because of a tracheostomy, my speaking voice is on hold until my upcoming completion surgery. I am feeling better every day and my wife Chaz says we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Extra Tidbit: Check out this hilarious UNCENSORED VIDEO of old outakes with Ebert and his old pal and original partner, Gene Siskel.
Source: RogerEbert.com



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